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The Personal Health Budget Support Service (PHBSS) at Sefton Carers Centre is a pilot scheme commissioned by Southport and Formby ICB (Intergrated Care Board) and South Sefton ICB. Sefton Carers Centre and Sefton Advocacy are working in partnership to deliver the PHBSS pilot. 

What is a Personal Health Budget?

A Personal Health Budget (PHB) is an amount of money to support the identified healthcare and wellbeing needs of an individual, which is planned and agreed between the individual, or their representative, and the local ICB (Intergrated Care Board). It isn’t new money, but a different way of spending health funding to meet the needs of an individual (definition by NHS England).

Why use a Personal Health Budget?

Personal Health Budgets give people with long term health conditions and disabilities more choice, flexibility and control over the money spent on meeting their health and wellbeing needs. There have been many studies that have shown that people's wellbeing and quality of life have improved when they have the opportunity to manage their own budget.

What does the Personal Health Budget Support Service do?

The PHBSS will allow the person with a Personal Health Budget (or their representative) to be at the heart of developing their care and support. It will give them access to a range of services which provide information, advice, guidance and support to enable them to select the appropriate option to manage their PHB.

The PHBSS advocacy service also supports people with understanding their rights, speaking up for themselves (or on their behalf) and in helping them to make informed choices. They are independent and will act under the instruction of the client. For more information please click here

The PHBSS supports people across Sefton and we can visit you in whichever location is most convenient.

Please be aware that any decisions regarding eligibility for a Personal Health Budget are made by the NHS Intergrated Care Board (ICB). If you think that you, or someone that you care for, may be eligible for Continuing Health Care funding you can discuss having a Personal Health Budget with the NHS professional overseeing your health and wellbeing.

If you would like any more information about the range of services we provide then please contact us on 0151 288 6060 or via our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

NHS - Personal health budgets for children, young people and families

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