Sefton Carers Centre is committed to providing an accessible web presence that gives all members of the public full access to its information and services, which are offered through this website.

Compliance with web accessibility is an ongoing process which we are regularly working to improve. If you experience problems accessing any of the information on our site, please contact us and we will try our best to fix the problem or provide the information in an alternative format. We support Internet Explorer 7 and above and the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Changing the text size:

Internet Explorer: select View > Text size or hold Ctrl and roll your mouse wheel if you have one
Mozilla Firefox: select View > Text size or hold Ctrl and roll your mouse wheel if you have one
Opera: select View > Zoom or hold Ctrl and roll your mouse wheel if you have one
Safari: select View > Make text bigger or hold Ctrl and roll your mouse wheel if you have one

How do I change the colours?

You can use your web browser options to choose your own colours. Depending on which web browser you are using, this can be done in the following ways:

Internet Explorer: select Tools > Internet Options > General > Colors
Mozilla Firefox: select Tools > Options > Content > Colors
Opera: select Tools > Preferences > Fonts and Page Style
Safari: select Safari > Preferences > Appearance

How do I change speed and buttons on my mouse?

If you are using a Microsoft Windows computer, you can change a number of control options on your mouse, including the speed of the pointer or the wheel, how quickly you need to double-click, and swapping the buttons for left and right-handed use.

To change your mouse options click the Start button in the bottom left of your screen and select Control Panel > Mouse.

If you are using an Apple Macintosh computer, please visit the Apple Accessibility website for more information on how to change your settings.

Video content:

W3C recommends that all transcripts are available from videos on the site. Transcripts are available on request from us if needed please contact us outlining the content that the transcript is needed for.

Further useful links to help you with accessibility issues:

If you don’t have regular access to an internet connection:

Book internet access in your local library

If you find a keyboard or mouse hard to use:

Find out how to make your mouse easier to use (BBC My Web)
Find out how to use your keyboard to control your mouse (BBC My Web)
Find out about alternatives to a keyboard and mouse (BBC My Web)

If you can’t see very well:

Learn how to increase the size of the text in your web browser (BBC My Web)
Learn how to change text and background colours to make them easier to read (BBC My Web)
Learn how to magnify your screen (BBC My Web)

If you are blind:

Find out about screen readers and talking browsers (BBC My Web)

Do you have a family member, partner or friend who needs ongoing care or support with day-to-day life?

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