Transitions 16-25 – Supporting young adult carers throughout their journey to adulthood.



Transition to Adulthood

Approaching adulthood is a challenging time for all young people, with difficult issues to tackle and big decisions to make. For all young carers, the challenges of this transition can be even tougher.

Young carers can sometimes feel like they have to choose between their future goals and caring for their family. You might not be able to reach your potential in education, and may feel like you have to put your hopes for the future on hold.

The Sefton Young Carers team is here to ensure that you are not left unsupported on your journey. We are here to help find a way forward for young carers, those you care for and your whole family.



Sefton Young Carers

The Sefton Young Carers transitions service begins before a young carer turns sixteen and aims to provide free personal support until the age of twenty-five. The service is all about you and how you can be supported to be successful in your future life. It is about you, by you and for you.

Starting your own transitions journey means thinking about and talking about all aspects of your life, including education, training, careers, health, well-being, leisure, your caring role and the future.

Once your journey begins, we will put in place support plans, and we will regularly review these to keep you moving forward.


Our Support

Our Young Carers team – including our dedicated Transitions Support Worker – will be there for you throughout your transitions journey and help you face the challenges and changes that happen during it.

We aim to support you in all aspects of your life, including:

  • Mental health and well-being
  • Physical health
  • Leisure
  • Caring and family responsibilities
  • Education and training issues
  • Jobs and employment
  • Financial support and assistance
  • Independent living
  • Removing barriers to success

Our Partners

We work with a range of local and national partners to provid as many options and services as possible. Our partners include:

  • Sixth-forms, colleges and universities
  • Other training and education providers
  • Skills and employability programmes
  • Career guidance and information services
  • Health, well-being and leisure organisations
  • Sefton Carers Centre, VCF and public-sector services
  • Housing providers

Our support and partners are not limited to these examples; our goal is to help each young carer in any and every way you need us to.

“The team always has my back and now I’m in a good place – I feel better knowing I’m not alone.” -- Young Adult Carer


Sefton Young Carers Transitions

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