Most of us will provide unpaid care for someone who is older, disabled or seriously ill at some point in our lives. Taking place on Thursday 25 November, Carers Rights Day brings together organisations from across the UK to reach out to carers with information, advice and support.

Sefton Carers Centre provides free advice and support to unpaid carers living throughout the borough. To help carers find out more about their rights, our specialist teams will be available to take telephone calls during Carers Rights Day and answer any questions carers might have about their caring role. We will also be publicising our dedicated helpline number and email that carers can use at any time (see below).

Vicky Keeley, CEO of Sefton Carers Centre, said: “Caring has become a lot more challenging for unpaid carers who are living in unprecedented times. Carers are under increased stress and demands on their time have become overwhelming, which is leading to a rise in mental health issues and deterioration in carers wellbeing.

“It is therefore important that carers have the opportunity to know and understand their rights and be recognised for the essential work they do. This Carers Rights Day we want to promote the voice of our local carers now and in the future.”

We have recorded videos with public sector and voluntary sector organisations to answer questions from local carers of all ages - to help explain their rights and the support available to them - watch via the links below:

carers rights video card 5carers rights video card 4carers rights video card 3


To help you know what you are entitled to, you can read the latest Looking after someone guide by Carers UK, which gives carers the full picture of the practical and financial support available to them every year. The latest 2020-21 guide can be downloaded at:

You can also call our helpline on 0151 288 6086 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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